Why India ?

Local market is around 800 crore Indian rupees. There are more than 2500 apparel manufacturing units and 750 dyeing units in Tirupur. It also has 300 printing units, 100 embroider units and 200 other units like compacting, raising and calendaring units. The export market was around Rs 8500 crores & local market is about 1500 crores in 2006 lo. Millions of pieces of underwear come out of Tirupur every year. Tirupur's hosiery factories are profitable successes, small jewels in India's economy. (It is one of the largest foreign exchange sources for INDIA).

Tirupur, in Tamil Nadu, (located 55 km to the east of Coimbatore City) accounts for 90 % of India’s cotton knitwear export, worth an estimated Rs 4,000 crores.
Tirupur can make one believe that this town earns an annual $800 million plus in foreign exchange. This is because the state government and local municipal authorities have been too slow to cope with this dynamic growth. The variance between the town’s infrastructure and the actual requirements has led to a sharp rise in the cost of almost every basic social input. The present export-driven prosperity is letting Tirupur’s entrepreneurs meet these costs, but the paucity of adequate infrastructure could soon thwart its growth.




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